Snail Bob 10

Ever since Snail Bob 10 has been launched on the internet it’s brought players throughout the globe meaning that new challenges and games are in demand.

snail bob 10

Snail Bob 10 Game is setin Egypt in which Snail Bob must overcome many barriers for example draw-bridges and trapdoors, so as to attain the exit. You have the chance to acquire bright, gold, glistening stars that behave as lives to help safeguard Snail Bob on his treacherous trip.

This is a fairly straightforward game so long as you remain out of the manner of these traps, dangerous components and gather as many celebrities as you can on your way.


Employing this is the instrument to restrain Snail Bob and direct him during his journey.

In addition you have two distinct rates to pick from, rate two and one, based on how quickly you want the match to proceed.


You will find an incredible 75 amounts to finish in action packed sport! Keep in mind, to consult with the walkthrough movie on YouTube should you get stuck in any way, on any level.


Keep in mind, the more stars you accumulate, the more opportunities Snail Bob might need to finish all degrees successfully.


This great game is totally free. You may get it here at no cost. It’s likely to have a walkthrough of this game on YouTube since there’s a pre-recorded case showing you highlights of this sport.

There are a few particular settings and choices you want to be conscious of. Primarily, this is one individual’s sport and there are 19 distinct languages to pick from such as English. There’s just another ‘Play’ button that takes you to the very first of 75 distinct levels.

There’s background music that is quite agreeable however you do obviously have the option to mute this when needed. You’ll have to get this done on the preferences of the true computer that you’re playing with the game on.

How To Play Snail Bob 10

The game is played with mouse only. Click “Play” to start the game, you  may “Skip” the introduction to begin  adventure immediately.  Click Bob to stop him and click again to move again.  Make use of provided tools and hints to help Bob go to exit safely. Keep a sharp eye out for hidden stars.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get the maximum point by collecting all stars and puzzle pieces.
  2. The stars and puzzle pieces are hidden cleverly. Keep a sharp eye out, a part of star is shown.
  3. Collect enough stars to unlock hilarious portraits and sculptures.
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