Snail Bob 9 Game

[Total: 5    Average: 3.8/5]

Game developers have come up with short yet interesting games that people play to pass time or when having a break. Snail Bob 9 is one of the latest addition to the list of first-choice games that takes the user to a new challenge and experience. The game has quickly gained a position among the millions of 2-D games fan owing to its versatile and addictive nature. A user will experience improved attractive features.

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Troll face Quest 4
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Truck Loader 3

A Catchy Story Line

The story making the game is fascinating and easily understandable making Snail Bob 9 a choice for millions of users. A construction company demolishes Bob’s home. To get back to his home, Bob has to complete numerous, interesting and yet challenging tasks. It is the role of the user to guide Bob through the activities. The user sails Bob through the obstacles by making the correct timing in the barriers. Each of the levels has new obstacles that become more challenging as moves up the levels. The user propels Bob and lands him safely to avoid suspending him in mid-air and falling in a trap.

A Colorful Interface

The environment in the game is very vibrant and the user cannot help but remain glued to the screen. Each level has a unique and exceptional background that reduces the boredom of being exposed to one color for a long time. The diverse backgrounds include grassland, icy land, lush, rainforest and snow storm.

Easy to Play

The game controls are easy to coordinate. A user needs to press number 1 on the keyboard to increase Bob’s speed and number 2 to slow him down. The user also points the cursor to the objects he wants to activate and click on them. The first two levels are easy, and they have suggestions for the right objects that the user should click. There is a button on top right side of the screen that changes the direction of Bob upon clicking it. These are the only controls used in the whole game and mastering them can help a user to move quickly through the levels. A mistake due to poor timing results in Bob falling off the path and the user has to start again.

Snail Bob 9 is an exciting game in the Snail Bob series. Its improved visual features and high resolution presents the user with a new experience. The challenging yet easy to navigate path motivates a user to try again and again and move to the next level. It is the game that will definitely make users stick to their screens.