Snail Bob 7 Game

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The Snail Bob series is a free online puzzle game featuring point and click, tags platform and the snail bob. The game has been played more than 218,000 times as at the time this article is written and have an amazing rating of 8.9 out of a possible 10 rated by 5,105 players. The earlier series are always characterized by a situation where Snail Bob is captured and the mission of the player is to rescue him. Snail Bob 7 series provides a hilarious and contains most imaginative fairy tale reading snail on his dreamland adventure.

Snail Bob comes with 90 different challenging levels. The player has the objective to guide Snail Bod to reach the target exit by discovering secret passages and overcoming obstacles. The game becomes more challenging and more interesting while the player advances from one stage to another.

Raze 2
Raze 2
Red Ball 3
Red Ball 3

How to Play Snail Bob

One requires a good understanding of the game controls first. Snail Bob is always at default motion, when not controlled, he will just move forward and hit the obstacles ahead. To direct his movements to escape the obstacles, the player can use the keyboard or mouse. The space-bar hides him in his shell, NUM 1 turns him in the opposite direction and NUM 2 increases the forward motion.

Like in the other puzzle games, Snail Bob 7 game levels are finished with stars; 1 star on the least side and 3 stars on the best side. The player needs to click the star to win them. The stars are hidden, so one has to spot and click. Stars are camouflaged in different colors and may assume the color of the surface where it is hidden making them hard to spot.

One hit, end of the game

The player must prevent Snail Bob from being hit by any villain monster or an obstacle. Having him hit means that the player has to restart playing the level afresh and loses the already accumulated points. This means that one has to be keen, patient and timing all though. In the situations where the monsters cannot be evaded, Snail Bob 7 is equipped with an arsenal to destroy the monster to pass through. The objective is to get to the exit safely without being consumed by carnivorous plants, fire, bee hives and others.

Buttons and Levers

The buttons and levers have been given different functionalities in the game; they can turn on lights, lift doors, and create a pathway. Every button and ever will splash some color, this color indicates the stage through which to move to when the button or lever is triggered.