Snail Bob 6 Game

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With the successes of snail bob 1 to 5, it was a matter of time until snail bob 6 was introduced to the market. However just like its predecessors, the game is in always interesting creating a powerful follow-up that can only be envied. With its expectations reaching soaring heights, each player gets to test their quickness and decisions by ensuring snail bob does not get hurt by giving a helping hand.

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How to play Snail Bob 6

To be able to understand how to play snail bob 6, each player can easily find a YouTube video for a walk through of all the levels. As each player enters a gaming website and clicking on snail bob menu, a gallery with a number of options such as about game, instructions and credits are given. Adjustments are also given on the bars for background sound as preferred. When it comes to actually playing, the mouse and keyboard turn to be controls that are used to play the game. With the main aim stopping hurdles from hurting snail bob, breaking of ice, moving safety zones and stopping snail bob from moving can be done by clicking the mouse. This way making it easy to play as no other device is needed.

Objective of game Snail Bob

After being introduced to the game, the main objective that every player should keep in mind is protecting snail bob from the dangerous surroundings. In this regard breaking down of what to do becomes easy, as where an obstacle arises it should either be avoided or destroyed, creating a path that leads to an exit. However with snail bob not having a precise consciousness of evading them, player’s instincts are put to the test, starting and stopping when necessary until completion of the levels.

Difficulty and ease of levels of play

With there being up to 25 levels in snail bob 6, the most difficult levels found by most players is level 7. With multiple turns and hurdles that are hard to coordinate, everyone is sure to be challenged as expertise is needed. However depending on individuality there are some levels that others have found to be easy while others find extremely hard, making it an even more appealing game to play while resting.

Player’s thoughts

Judging on the difficulty of the game, it can clearly be seen that it is an extremely easy game to play by people of all ages. When it comes to young ones especially and the fact that the game can be easily found online for free, making it the ultimate pass time for children as its entertaining. With the snail gathering items that are vital as the level progresses, passing through the stages becomes easier. Comparing it with other games, a puzzle can be called most similar to snail bob as there are often challenges that are expected with every hurdle that is crossed. However what makes it a favorite for many is the fact that a walk though is found on the different levels, making it easy for a person to play instructions and become better prepared for the game ahead. Better yet is that if one finds a level too difficult jumping on to easier levels can be done, thus going through all 25 levels is fast and easy eliminating disappointments.