Snail Bob 4 Game

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This game is the fourth part of the series Snail Bob – a story about the adventures of a little snail overcoming different objectives and defeating several enemies throughout the game with the help of the player. In each of the Snail Bob games, you have to lead him through a series of levels by using the mouse and clicking on different objects such as buttons, levers, enemies and Snail Bob himself. The player can earn bonus points by searching for the three hidden stars are usually only visible after you click on other objects until they are visible and clickable.

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Snail Bob 4th Version

In the 4th game of the series, the main hero Bob searches for a new home and this journey leads him to outer space. He has to overcome several obstacles including fighting aliens in over 60 levels.

The instructions to play this game are simple:

First, the snail moves all the time until you click on it. It then goes into its shell and stops moving.

Second, the main button that you have to click on in this game is the gravity/antigravity button. Whether Bob is moving or no, when you change the gravity to antigravity he goes up and continues until he hits the roof.

Third, the obstacles that the snail has to ignore and overcome are electric walls, laser beams and aliens that want to eat Bob. Bob mustn’t touch or get close to them or otherwise the game is lost.

– There are many in-game instructions that can help you get through most of the levels.

– There are two different modes of Bob’s speed: 1 and 2. On 1 the player can concentrate on the snail’s movements and finding the three hidden stars. On the other hand, on 2 more skilled players can make only a few clicks and trust that Bob won’t hit anything on his way to the exit.

In the end of all levels (when Bob has finally reached his new home) all collected stars are summed up and your overall score is formed.

Winning in Game

Winning the game doesn’t really take much time and if you accidentally find yourself stuck on one level or another, it takes only a minute or two to come up with Bob’s way out of the maze. What is more, if you have played the previous three games or one of the many following ones, you will have an idea what to do in always every situation. It is crucial to look closely for any hints and any unused buttons.

To sum up, Snail Bob 4 is a simple click-and-drop game that takes an hour or so to be finished and is a fun way to kill time!