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Snail Bob 8

Snail Bob 10 Game

Online Flash games are great way to waste time and to have fun. With all the different types of games on the market, one series that has stood out among the crowd has been the point-and-click game Snail Bob. There are currently eight different “episodes” on the market, all with unique storylines and goals but using the same general mechanics. This article will focus on the first three episodes of the series. In the first episode, poor Bob loses his home when a construction site demolishes the area. The rest of the game involves manoeuvring Bob through the construction using different types of tools included within the setting, with the ultimate goal of finding him a new abode.

The starting point of each level is a pipe from which Bob emerges. An exit pipe marks where you reach the next level. The game-play is relatively easy but the levels increase in difficulty (with twenty levels total). For example, to aid Bob in his journey you must click switches to raise levers and click buttons to launch Bob from their platforms. You are also in charge of Snail Bob’s speed which can be adjusted by clicking icons with number one or two in the corner (one for a slower speed, two for a fast-paced speed) or by using the associated number keys on your keyboard. Whatever pace you choose is best for you, your main goal is just to get Bob to the exit without falling to his death, or being crushed/injured by some random falling piece of equipment or gear.

Snail Bob’s New Home

As you play the game, the tools quickly become varied and more complex. You soon encounter spinning platforms that change Bob’s direction entirely and even electricity panels. The game requires creative but rational thinking to figure out how to use the tools to get Bob exactly where he needs to be to continue on his journey. It can be frustrating when you hit a dead-end and can’t solve the puzzle, but generally a step back, a little breather and a clear mind can resolve the issue. After completing the twentieth level, you win the game and Bob has found a new home.

While there are many games that have this same “tool” mechanism, Snail Bob 2 is charmingly animated and has an originality that seems to pull fans from out of the woodwork. The fact that Bob has eight separate games/episodes attests to his popularity.

Episodes In Game

The second episode of this series changes pace entirely. This episode begins with Bob realizing its his grandfather’s birthday. Your goal is to get him safely there. The animation is relatively similar to the first episode, however, instead of a construction site the scenery is an enchanted forest. You encounter many different types of forest creatures, like ants, caterpillars and even a scary robotic snail that wants to steal Bob’s shell. Series two uses the same tool dynamic but the added forest characters seem to increase the pleasure of game-play. It keeps the puzzles refreshing and exciting as opposed to frustrating, which can occur with the first episode. Another key difference with this episode is that the developers have increased the number of levels from twenty to twenty-five which increases the length of game-play, so that’s another plus. When you get to the final level of this series, you are presented with the honor of giving Bob his grandfather’s present and joining the birthday party.

The third episode, our loveable snail visits a museum and after touching something he shouldn’t, gets mysteriously transported to Egypt. This is a drastic change in setting from the first two episodes, and is emphasized by the change of coloring in the animation (from greens and blues to browns and yellows). Once again in this episode you are utilizing tools included around the levels to control Bob’s pace and manoeuvre him around obstacles and enemies, but now you are also tasked with collecting hidden stars. There are three stars in each level and finding them increases your score. This episode maintains the level increase, with twenty-five in total and the series ends when you successfully return Bob back to his home.

Each episode of Snail Bob is equally as unique, enticing, and visually appealing as the first three. If you are gamer who enjoys puzzle games with a simple point-and click mechanism, or are simply looking to waste some time, this may be the perfect game for you.